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Acoustics Ventilation & Overheating: Residential Design Guide Draft published

UPDATE: The final version of the AVO Guide is now launched!

Following two years work and more than a handful of meetings between members across the acoustics consulting industry and UK, the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) has published the draft version of the “AVO Guide”.  You can download the consultation draft here.  Following the issue of the draft, members of the AVO Group presented the contents to Institute of Acoustics (IOA) branch meetings across the country, and at the IOA Conference in Cardiff.  Jack presented the draft at the CIBSE Symposium in April – you can download the supporting paper on the CIBSE website.  Jack and Anthony Chilton, the principal authors, presented the draft in a CIBSE webinar that you can watch #ICYMI.

The feedback which we have received will be used to steer the document towards a final form.  Although the official consultation period has ended, if you have any further information that you want to share then please contact Jack Harvie-Clark.

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