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Assessing noise with provisions for ventilation and overheating in dwellings

We are grateful that our article has been published in the Journal of Building Services Engineering Research & Technology, and we hope that this will raise the vital issues with a wider range of researchers. We were invited to submit an article following our paper for the CIBSE Symposium in 2018 at London South Bank University; since then we have updated the Association of Noise Consultants’ Acoustics, Ventilation & Overheating: residential design guide. Although this paper reflects our concept for the AVO Guide at the end of 2018, some criteria have since evolved, particularly around the use of Lmax for noise from events.

Beth Paxton, Anthony Chilton, Dave Trew, Nick Conlan and Jack Harvie-Clark are collaborating to write a joint paper for the IOA Spring Conference 2019 in Milton Keynes. This will explain how the proposed criteria and methodology for assessing Lmax are considered in the AVO Guide. You can read more about the development of the ideas behind the AVO Guide here.

The AVO Guide represents a significant step forwards in guidance internationally: it takes an integrated view of residential conditions for noise, ventilation and thermal comfort, suggesting tolerances over the conventional singular criteria for noise regardless of ventilation condition or provisions for overheating. The adaptive thermal comfort model illustrates the importance of control over one’s environment in avoiding annoyance or achieving satisfaction. The AVO Guide takes the concept of control and integrates it to enable a much more nuanced assessment of internal noise conditions. This is vital to design sustainable, resilient dwellings that are adaptable to future scenarios. Research is urgently needed to qualify resident’s response when faced with balancing the inter-dependence of acoustic and thermal conditions with passive (natural) ventilation, and to find how occupants use attenuated vents, for example.

Access the article from Sage publications here:

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