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Open plan offices: advances in acoustic design presented to 1947 Club

Office use has never changed as fast as it has recently. Offices went from full to empty overnight, and now new patterns of use are emerging. But few people want to return to the “old normal”. Previously, noise in open plan offices was typically among the main issues of complaints. Homeworking overcomes this constraint, but we…
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Workplace Trends October 2020

Jack Harvie-Clark presents Advances in Acoustic Design for Open Plan Offices for workplace professionals Workplace Trends’ flagship October conference is usually held in London, and was due to take place at the National Gallery this year. However, on 15 October 2020 a global audience of workplace managers, consultants, occupiers, designers and suppliers came together in this…
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Five questions on the indoor soundscape approach for regenerative buildings

At Internoise 2020, Simone Torresin presented the paper to which we contributed as a co-author, entitled Five Questions on the Indoor Soundscape Approach for Regenerative Buildings. This paper describes how the objective of regenerative design is not just to limit the adverse effect of negative impacts, but to promote health and wellbeing through social and…
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Ventilative cooling in noisy environments: practical options for the UK

In parallel with our deep involvement in writing the AVO Guide, we have been reading and disseminating the research that has been carried out around the world on solutions for natural ventilative cooling. We believe that natural or passive ventilative cooling could offer a more sustainable solution than a mechanical solution. The London Plan Policy…
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Stereo soundcheck and easy headphone calibration

We record our APEAL films with aural accuracy, but we can’t control the volume that you replay them at through your system. We can replay them for you through our equipment at exactly the correct volume, but we have to be there for that to happen! Check that you have your headphones / ear phones the…
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The APEAL method

The APEAL Method – Acoustic Performance EvaluAtion through Listening – ushers in a revolution in the acoustic design process. APEAL enables you to participate in the acoustic design by listening. Do you want your building to sound like this or like that when people are in it? This is a world away from talking acoustic…
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New guide to the Measurement of Sound Levels in Buildings

We chaired the group within the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) that has produced the new guide to Measurement of Sound Levels in Buildings. This replaces the two former ANC publications covering measurement of noise in buildings from internal or external sources, but is fundamentally different. It’s freely available. The new Measurement of Sound in…
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Coronavirus planning

We enabled and permitted all staff to work from home before the government sanctioned this back in March 2020. While we are following the NHS guidelines for self-isolation, our provisions enable all staff to continue working remotely. All staff have full access to all facilities that are available in the office, so there will be…
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Acoustics Ventilation Overheating Guide: CPD briefing

In light of Covid-19, we are delivering this CPD briefing remotely for as many of your remote workers who wish to join the teleconference. The long-awaited Acoustics, Ventilation & Overheating: Residential Design Guide (AVO Guide) was officially launched at the end of January 2020. It sets out three significant advances to consider at planning for…
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