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Attenuated passive ventilation options

With the advent of the guidance in ProPG: Planning and Noise, there is an increased need for sound attenuated passive ventilation to achieve reasonable internal conditions in dwellings, considering noise, ventilation, and overheating.  The first stage of the acoustic assessment described by ProPG is to apply the principles of good acoustic design; this includes the…
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Good acoustic design: a case study

STOP PRESS: Currently shortlisted for the environmental acoustics award! The priority of good acoustic design is to reduce the need for acoustic façade treatment by considering the building locations and orientation, internal layouts and mitigation for controlling noise at source. This example of good acoustic design is a housing development in Swanley, Kent, UK. The proposed…
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New planning practice guidance: Planning & Noise

The long-awaited launch of the ProPG will take place on 22nd June in Birmingham, at which the final version will be released: over 200 delegates are currently booked.  The ProPG aims to do more than just fill the gap that was left by the withdrawal of the former PPG 24.  The guidance has been jointly…
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Noise, ventilation and overheating in dwellings

Apex has been researching and disseminating information for many years advocating an integrated approach to assessing acoustic conditions in dwellings in combination with ventilation conditions and considerations of opening windows.  This work has now been taken up by an industry-led committee through the Association of Noise Consultants, called the “Acoustics, Ventilation & Overheating Group”.  The committee…
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Noise and ventilation in dwellings

The combined issue of noise, ventilation and thermal comfort in dwellings is very significant for occupants, yet currently under-researched and poorly understood even within our industry.  Current requirements for noise levels described in planning conditions, British Standards and WHO Guidelines are not associated with either ventilation conditions or thermal comfort levels.  Apex has been leading…
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VHF and Ultrasound exposure: do we know the risks?

Incidental public exposure to VHF (Very High Frequency) sound and Ultrasound has increased dramatically in recent years due to sources such as the testing of public address systems and pest deterrents.  Research into potential health effects and regulation of public exposure has not kept pace with these developments.  The majority of the studies used to…
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ICSV24 London calling

The Institute of Acoustics is hosting the 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV24) London between 23rd – 27th July 2017.  Apex Acoustics is promoting and chairing two sessions in the conference.  One is on the acoustics of open plan offices, the other of facade sound insulation and internal environmental quality (IEQ). Acoustics of open plan offices…
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Sound flanking paths in curtain walling

Nick Conlan delivered the second presentation of the IOA Annual conference, which was, according to the Institute of Acoustics – … by far the most highly rated paper at the conference, from the feedback we’ve received Nick’s presentation put together recent academic studies of flanking sound transmission in curtain walling systems with more established data…
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Designing and testing to Building Bulletin 93: 2014

“No building acoustics conference would be complete without a presentation from Jack Harvie-Clark of Apex Acoustics” says the Institute of Acoustics’ Bulletin magazine, reporting on the 2016 IOA annual conference at Chesford Grange.  Jack opened the conference with a presentation on practical issues with designing and testing to Building Bulletin 93: 2015. The first half of…
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Open plan offices session at ANC Conference 2016

Jack Harvie-Clark chaired the session on acoustic design for open plan offices at the Association of Noise Consultants conference in June 2016.  Jack described the acoustic parameters in ISO 3382-3, which have been used differently across Europe. He outlined how the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, one of the main drivers behind the Standard, adopt…
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