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Flanking sound transmission in steel concrete composite floors

The research in this paper was inspired by observations that in-situ performance of flanking sound appeared to be better than the conventional theory suggested.  In this paper we describe measurements and predictions of wall airborne sound insulation tests in buildings with a continuous steel-concrete composite floor beneath a plasterboard separating partition.  Although this is a…
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Institute of Acoustics Spring Conference 2018

Apex were pleased to present in four separate sessions at the annual Institute of Acoustics Spring Conference 2018, which was held in City Hall, Cardiff. Acoustics, Ventilation, Overheating A major part of our recent research work has been around the development of the ANC Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating Guide, and the supporting information for this.  At Acoustics…
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Project DeStress, Heriot-Watt University

We are pleased to be involved in an exciting new University research study called Project DeStress. The research aims to Design and Engineer Soundscapes To enable Restorative Environments for Sustainable Societies. The project engages the public in three UK cities to identify quiet, calm, and tranquil areas. The project will develop guidelines to help local councils…
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Award-winning good acoustic design: a case study

Rich Hinton was delighted to receive the Environmental Acoustics Award in June 2017. The priority of good acoustic design is to enable residents to enjoy suitable noise levels with open windows, by careful site massing, and considering building location, orientation, internal layouts and mitigation. This example of good acoustic design is a housing development in Swanley,…
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TupTup Palace, Newcastle: pioneering acoustic design

Weigang Wei undertook ground-breaking acoustic design to determine suitable remediation measures for the TupTup Palace, Newcastle, and is justly rewarded with the top accolade in this category. This project illustrates a novel approach to solving the problem of noise from nightclub smoking areas. The modelling techniques, solutions to controlling noise break out through doors, and control…
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Attenuated natural ventilation options

With the advent of the guidance in ProPG: Planning and Noise, there is an increased need for sound-attenuated natural ventilation to achieve reasonable internal conditions in dwellings, considering noise, ventilation, and overheating.  The first stage of the acoustic assessment described by ProPG is to apply the principles of good acoustic design; this includes the review of…
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New planning practice guidance: Planning & Noise

The long-awaited launch of the ProPG took place on 22nd June in Birmingham; over 200 delegates came to hear about the new planning guidance.  The ProPG aims to do more than just fill the gap that was left by the withdrawal of the former PPG 24.  The guidance has been jointly developed by the Association of…
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Noise, ventilation and overheating in dwellings

The Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating: Residential Design Guide (“AVO Guide“) has been launched! We have prepared a Quick Start to the AVO Guide here. Attend the launch event & workshop on 30th January 2020. You can watch a webinar for CIBSE’s Natural Ventilation Group that we presented in 2018, and read more about the background and ongoing…
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Noise and ventilation in dwellings

The issue of noise and ventilation in dwellings is very significant for occupants, yet currently under-researched and poorly understood even within our industry.  Current requirements for noise levels described in planning conditions, British Standards and WHO Guidelines are not typically associated with ventilation conditions. There is a marked absence of research into occupants’ acceptance of…
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