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Noise, ventilation and overheating in dwellings

Apex has been researching and disseminating information for many years advocating an integrated approach to assessing acoustic conditions in dwellings in combination with ventilation conditions and considerations of opening windows.  This work has now been taken up by an industry-led committee through the Association of Noise Consultants, called the “Acoustics, Ventilation & Overheating Group”.  The committee…
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Noise and ventilation in dwellings

The combined issue of noise, ventilation and thermal comfort in dwellings is very significant for occupants, yet currently under-researched and poorly understood even within our industry.  Current requirements for noise levels described in planning conditions, British Standards and WHO Guidelines are not associated with either ventilation conditions or thermal comfort levels.  Apex has been leading…
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VHF and Ultrasound exposure: do we know the risks?

Incidental public exposure to VHF (Very High Frequency) sound and Ultrasound has increased dramatically in recent years due to sources such as the testing of public address systems and pest deterrents.  Research into potential health effects and regulation of public exposure has not kept pace with these developments.  The majority of the studies used to…
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School acoustics

Apex has been deeply involved with school acoustics for many years; this interest has sparked our own research , as well as making a significant contribution to standards and guidance such as Building Bulletin 93 and coordinating the publication of Acoustics of Schools: a design guide.  Read about the changes to the design guidance here.  Jack has…
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Airtightness – does it last?

Does the airtightness of a Passivhaus really last, or does it decay? Are design and construction skills in the UK really able to deliver enduring standards of airtightness? Do airtightness technologies last, or do they decay? The Racecourse estate was completed in 2011. A lot has happened since then. Materials have dried and had the opportunity to…
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Environmental noise modelling

Environmental noise modelling with commercial software such as CadnaA, SoundPlan or Predictor has become a standard tool for acoustic consultants.  Typically the software implements an engineering model to enable predictions of noise propagation outdoors.  When using software it is important to understand the difference between theoretical and engineering models of sound propagation, so that an understanding can be…
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Low frequency impact sound: problems with timber floors

At the 2015 Institute of Acoustics conference in Harrogate, Jack Harvie-Clark presented the investigation of low frequency impact sound that can occur with timber (and composite) joist floors.  There was strong support from the audience for the acoustic industry to “do something about it” and that is exactly what we are now doing.  This work…
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Acoustic design principles

British Standards, EN and ISO Standards are often difficult to interpret, and frequently do not offer succinct design procedures that may be used to implement the methods they describe. In this paper, Jack outlines the Apex approach to organising calculations around the acoustic design issues.  The full paper is available to download below, as is the…
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