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Coronavirus planning

We enabled and permitted all staff to work from home before the government sanctioned this back in March 2020. While we are following the NHS guidelines for self-isolation, our provisions enable all staff to continue working remotely. All staff have full access to all facilities that are available in the office, so there will be no interruption of our normal service to customers.

We regularly review the situation regarding returning to the office, but are not currently encouraging staff to return. When we do return, it will not be a return to the pre-Covid normal; we are using this opportunity to re-evaluate how we all work in time and space, and how we may want to use the office facilities in future.

Everyone has teleconferencing facilities, and all meetings can be conducted remotely. Please use individual’s mobile phone numbers to contact them directly. Our policy for social distancing means that we will seek to minimise any direct contact with people for work purposes. Our aim is to maintain our service without creating risks for our staff or colleagues. We hope you will understand if we decline face-to-face meetings, and prefer meeting remotely.

Where we have building tests scheduled, we will liaise with the site staff to confirm whether it is appropriate to continue as planned.

Some types of surveys have been disrupted while the general activity of the country has been thrown into turmoil. Where the noise climate ay be untypical, we can carry out desk top surveys to enable planning applications and development plans to continue. We will advise you on a case by case basis where we think that we should postpone any survey work.

If work is slow, or just to keep up with recent developments, please do get in touch about a CPD on the new noise guidance for residential planning applications – we can deliver this as a teleconference that your remote workers can all join individually.

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