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CPD: Advances in acoustic design for open plan offices

Office use has never before changed as fast as it did during the pandemic. What will the new normal look like, and how can we make sure it is acoustically successful? Previously, noise in open plan offices was often the main cause of dissatisfaction. Now everyone knows how much work they can do without the distractions of the office. But we miss our co-workers: we need presence amongst colleagues to thrive. Many future offices are now taking shape, and they are different. Flexible working is here to stay for most organisations. What are the new tools to consider the acoustic conditions holistically within the design?

In this CPD we will explain:

  • How the noise problem in open plan offices has manifested
  • A holistic understanding of the acoustic environment can enable better outcomes
  • How can we design offices to be functional and yet also meet our acoustic needs
  • Using and going beyond the new ISO Standard 22955: Acoustic Quality of open office spaces
  • The multi-award winning approach pioneered by Apex Acoustics

Contact Jack Harvie-Clark to arrange a suitable time for your CPD.

Read about our research into open plan offices
Watch our presentation on the new ISO Standard 22955 at Forum Acusticum 2020 (technical warning!)

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