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Creating a quality environment – acoustic comfort

Jack Harvie-Clark will talk about creating a quality acoustic environment and avoiding unintended adverse consequences in the Headline theatre at CIBSE Build2Perform 2019. It turns out that the worst thing you can do is simply follow the current guidance and Regulations. When different disciplines operate in silos without regard to unintended impacts on other aspects of environmental quality, there is no check. The main potential pitfalls and adverse interactions with other aspects of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) fall between acoustics and ventilation. You can learn what you can do to avoid these pitfalls now, and help improve conditions for everyone in your response to the Part F Consultation.

The need for ventilative cooling – typically opening a window – has obvious impacts on the acoustic environment, as an open window lets the noise in. Jack will demonstrate how this has been ignored up to now, and how the Acoustics, Ventilation & Overheating: Residential Design Guide addresses this problem. The concept of adaptive acoustic comfort is implicit in the guidelines that have been developed, that are on track for final publication in December 2019.

The second main problem is when acoustic conditions impact on ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We all have anecdotal experience of noisy ventilation systems being annoying, and turning them down or off. This is not so much of a problem in older housing that is leaky, but in modern airtight dwellings, there is a much more significant reliance on the ventilation system to enable adequate IAQ. Our research How Loud is Too Loud: Noise From Domestic Mechanical Ventilation Systems was published in the International Journal of Ventilation earlier this year. This demonstrates that ventilation noise needs to be much quieter than many people realise.

Come and join the discussion in the Headline theatre at CIBSE B2P on Wednesday 27th November: hear how you can stay on top of the emerging guidance, and design accommodation that avoids unintended adverse consequences for acoustics.

Post event note: slides can be downloaded here

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