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ICSV24 London calling

The Institute of Acoustics is hosting the 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV24) London between 23rd – 27th July 2017.  Apex Acoustics is promoting and chairing two sessions in the conference.  One is on the acoustics of open plan offices, the other of facade sound insulation and internal environmental quality (IEQ).

Acoustics of open plan offices

Theme area T11 Room Acoustics, Structured Session 8

BCO-award winning offices for Thirteen Group, Stockton Riverside

Apex is has been actively researching and disseminating the cutting edge approaches to open plan office design adopted around the world.  There has been a growing interest during recent years from both acousticians and building managers concerning acoustic conditions in open plan offices. This interest reflects the value of staff productivity, the importance of health and well-being at work, and the general move to adopt open plan offices for the cost savings.
The publication in 2012 of ISO 3382-3 presented acousticians with a refined set of tools for analysing acoustic conditions in open plan spaces. It is interesting to see how some countries are developing national standards that take the parts of the International Standard that they like, and leaving the parts that they do not care for, whilst others use the ISO standard. The divergence of approaches makes this an increasingly rich and interesting area in which to investigate and consult. It is hoped that this session will reflect the wide range of approaches being adopted on the international scene.

Facade sound insulation and internal environmental quality (IEQ)

Theme area T14 Building Acoustics, Structured Session 6

Apex has been developing the assessment of noise, ventilation and thermal comfort in dwellings over recent years, and this research is developing more momentum.  The focus of this session is on the assessment of façade sound insulation and internal conditions for noise, air quality and thermal comfort. Sustainable solutions for maintaining thermal comfort with natural ventilation on noisy sites will be highlighted.  Buildings are changing: to be more fuel efficient, they are becoming better insulated and more airtight. The climate is changing, becoming hotter. The changing internal and external environments place greater strain on achieving reasonable internal noise levels, ventilation provision and thermal comfort. It will be interesting to understand the international range of responses to these challenges.

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