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Noise, ventilation and overheating in dwellings

The Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating: Residential Design Guide (“AVO Guide“) has been launched! We have prepared a Quick Start to the AVO Guide here. Attend the launch event & workshop on 30th January 2020.

You can watch a webinar for CIBSE’s Natural Ventilation Group that we presented in 2018, and read more about the background and ongoing work below.  At the IOA Conference in Milton Keynes 2019, Jack Harvie-Clark co-presented the joint paper on Assessing Lmax for residential developments: the proposed AVO Guide approach. At the IOA 2018 Conference in Cardiff, Nick Conlan presented our paper of Using Planning Conditions to Improve Internal Environmental Quality (IEQ) of New Residential Developments, and Jack Harvie-Clark co-presented the consultation version of the AVO Guide.

We have published the background to this work in the Journal of Building Services Engineering Research & Technology, to reach a wider audience amongst the academic community.

Apex has been researching and disseminating information for many years advocating an integrated approach to assessing acoustic conditions in dwellings in combination with ventilation conditions and considerations of opening windows.  This work has now been taken up by an industry-led committee through the Association of Noise Consultants, called the “Acoustics, Ventilation & Overheating Group”.  The committee consists of Nick Conlan and Jack Harvie-Clark from Apex, as well as consultants from other leading practices including Arup, Bickerdike Allen, BRE, Clarke Saunders, Cundall, Hoare Lea, Mach Acoustics, Max Fordham, MLM, Sandy Brown and WSP.

See our post on attenuated passive ventilation options for design solutions.  Previous progress on the ANC’s guidance document on integrated design for acoustics, ventilation and overheating was presented in our peer-reviewed paper at ICSV24, available here.

The committee is working to produce a design guide for the consideration of noise levels in conjunction with ventilation and overheating conditions.  This dovetails with the overheating assessment methodology described in CIBSE TM59, which in turn built on work by other industry groups, such as the Zero Carbon Hub’s “Next steps in defining overheating” discussion document.

At the international conference ICSV24, Apex has organised a session on facade sound insulation and Internal Environmental Quality (IEQ), which will be chaired by Jack Harvie-Clark.  In this session there was a presentation on the work in progress on the AVO Guide by Anthony Chilton (Max Fordham LLP).  Apex’s Nick Conlan presents our paper on practical acoustic methods of mitigating overheating, work which was further developed for our AIVC conference paper in September 2017.  Anthony Chilton presented the work in progress at the Institute of Acoustics 2016 annual conference; you can download the associated paper here.

Jack Harvie-Clark and Anthony Chilton gave a joint presentation to the London Authorities Noise Action Forum (LANAF) at the CIEH in September 2016; delegates were keen to understand the issues and learn what actions they could take to prevent the problems occurring.

Jack Harvie-Clark gave a presentation to the NW Branch of the Institute of Acoustics meeting in January 2017 on some of the background to the forthcoming guide; you can download the slides here.  There was again a strong appetite among both acoustic consultants and environmental health practitioners to address the issues.

You can read more about the background work that Apex has undertaken to bring the state of the art to its current position in our research pages on noise and ventilation in dwellings

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