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North Tyneside Area Command HQ 3
North Tyneside Area Command HQ: modern open plan offices may also be open to an atrium and circulation zones

We are pleased to design new offices to meet the requirements for BREEAM credit Hea 05, British Standards and the BCO Guide to Specification, but we can also go beyond this starting point.  Research based on a database of 142 buildings and 23,450 respondents shows that the biggest acoustic problem in offices is distraction by speech.  This relates to performance in use that is not covered by compliance with BREEAM, British Standards and the BCO Guide.

Since the publication in 2012 of ISO 3382-3: Measurement of acoustic parameters in open plan offices,  there has been much research on the application of the new acoustic parameters and their application in detailed design of open plan offices.

There is a growing body of evidence for effective design processes to determine suitable acoustic conditions for the type of activities undertaken in open plan offices.  We are at the forefront of this knowledge frontier and will be delighted to help you achieve the acoustic conditions that you need in modern accommodation.  You can read about some of our research and presentations on open plan office acoustics.

Recent projects include:

  • Thirteen Group offices, Stockton Riverside, Ryder Architecture – BCO Award winner
  • Stephenson Quarter offices, Newcastle upon Tyne, _Space Group
  • Nepia House, Newcastle upon Tyne, North of England P&I Association Ltd
  • Land Registry, Seaton Court, Plymouth, TPS Architecture
  • Baltic Place offices, Gateshead Quayside, Ward Robinson Ltd
  • Durham Social Services, Greencroft, Co Durham, Durham County Council
Office environment
Nepia House, Newcastle upon Tyne: open offices partially divided into bays as a move away from cellular accommodation
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