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Overheating assessments

The publication of CIBSE TM59 in May 2017 brings consistency to the assessment of overheating in dwellings with dynamic thermal modelling.  Overheating is becoming more prevalent in UK homes, for a wide range of reasons: large glazed areas, lighter weight construction techniques, increased urbanisation, and climate change are all factors in the increased incidence of overheating.

Overheating and acoustics are intrinsically linked, as the default means of mitigating overheating is by opening windows.  However, noise is frequently cited in the literature on overheating as a reason that people do not open windows (e.g. Zero Carbon Hub).  The external noise level determines the type of overheating assessment required in accordance with CIBSE TM59, which states:

Homes that are predominantly mechanically ventilated because they have either no opportunity or extremely limited opportunities for opening windows (e.g. due to noise levels or air quality) should be assessed for overheating using the fixed temperature method based on CIBSE Guide A

The question of what noise levels may be acceptable when using opening windows to mitigate overheating is central to the combined assessment of acoustic and thermal comfort.

Opening windows is the typically the default means to control overheating

Apex is leading the industry in developing guidance for the combined assessment of noise, ventilation and thermal comfort. We are pleased to offer overheating assessments to CIBSE TM59, either with or without acoustic assessments, as part of our building physics programme.

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