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We’re presenting at CIBSE Build2Perform, 27th November, Olympia, London: acoustics and natural ventilation

As a member of the CIBSE Natural Ventilation Group, Jack Harvie-Clark is pleased to be presenting in a session entitled Acoustic issues in relation to Natural Ventilation.  Come and hear him talk about how we are developing guidance to assess the combined effects of noise and overheating by providing a reference for Planners and Environmental Health practitioners.  The Association of Noise Consultants’ Acoustics, Ventilation, Overheating: Residential Design Guide explains the issues and proposes suitable criteria for the combined assessment.  This will enable the Planning system to require suitable assessment of noise and overheating in new dwellings.  Along with this guidance, Apex are promoting methods of achieving suitable internal conditions with natural ventilation in noisy environments – with information on options for attenuated passive ventilation.  We are also supporting the Good Homes Alliance project to help planners and design teams identify and mitigate the risk of overheating in housing developments at an early stage.

The issue here is about the use of natural ventilation to provide ventilative cooling, rather than whole dwelling ventilation as described in Approved Document F.  It can be entirely appropriate to use a mechanical ventilation system to optimise thermal performance during the heating season, and beyond the heating season to achieve good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) when provisions for ventilative cooling are not used.  The key questions are around how much noise exposure (how loud, for how long, how often, and at what time of the day or night) may be reasonable when using provisions for ventilative cooling to achieve reasonable thermal comfort.  Opening windows are the most common provision for ventilative cooling, but are not the only option.  Jack will explore what other solutions have been developed around the world, and what type of systems are starting to be used in the UK.  Our aim is to encourage designs that balance occupant comfort with energy use, are simple and intuitive for occupants to use, and reduce embedded energy.  We want to encourage sustainable, resilient buildings that are comfortable for the occupants.

Post event note – download the slides here.

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