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Soundscape in practice: one day workshop

We are very excited to be co-creating this event in collaboration with Lisa Lavia from the Noise Abatement Society and Professor Jian Kang from University College London (UCL). We are designing the event to focus on overcoming traditional acoustic challenges to urban planning and development. The event takes place on Tuesday 25th June 2019 at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, 15 Hatfields, Chadwick Court, London. Booking is now open on the IOA website here.

The event is designed to offer a variety of ways to supplement traditional acoustic engineering practices and community engagement. This event will explore the practical application of soundscape principles and technology being used in real-world projects, and the application of soundscape research to ongoing and future work.

Who should attend: acousticians, environmental health practitioners, consultants, architects, planners, public health practitioners, academics interested in research-to-practice

You will leave equipped with knowledge about the practical application of soundscape in the built environment.  This will enable you to tackle noise problems from an entirely different perspective, and understand the implications of context in noise impact assessments. We are planning the day in three parts to provide the information, skills and a little experience that you may need to take this practice forwards.

Download the programme here.

Part One – Soundscape Overview and Theory

This session will provide an overview of the emerging field of applied soundscape practice. The importance and opportunities offered by this approach will be explained in enabling both noise producing and sound sensitive development within a thriving, sustainable economy.

Part Two – Methods, Case Studies and Tools

The second part of the day will illustrate practical examples of the application of soundscape principles in the built environment. This will demonstrate how traditional acoustic problems have been overcome in practice.

Part Three – Workshops

The opportunity to try out your new skills in a safe environment! Work in small groups with expert facilitators to consider the application of soundscape tools in practice.  Identify priorities for further skills that you may need to become more accomplished in this practice.  Opportunities for collaboration, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and next steps will be identified and shared with the main session.

Confirmed speakers are coming from Arup; UK Acoustics Network, Institute of Acoustics, Association of Noise Consultants, Highways England, National Grid, University College London, Aecom, Ghent University, Noise Abatement Society, Apex Acoustics, British Standards Institution, Heriot Watt University, University of Salford. There will also be an Exhibition with sound demonstrations and further information on Posters.


This event is heavily subsidised by the UK Acoustics Network, to make it as accessible as possible to a wide audience. Other organisations providing in-kind support include the Institute of Acoustics, University College London, Noise Abatement Society, Apex Acoustics, Association of Noise Consultants, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Travel Bursaries: UKAN is keen to support participation in this event.  If travel costs are a  barrier to attending you are welcome to apply for reimbursement of travel costs.  See further details on the Institute of Acoustics website.

Further information

BS ISO 12913-1:2014 – Acoustics. Soundscape. Definition And Conceptual Framework

PD ISO/TS 12913-2:2018 – Acoustics. Soundscape. Data Collection And Reporting Requirements

Ten Questions On Soundscape And The Built Environment

Soundscape And The Built Environment

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