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Stereo soundcheck and easy headphone calibration

We record our APEAL films with aural accuracy, but we can’t control the volume that you replay them at through your system. We can replay them for you through our equipment at exactly the correct volume, but we have to be there for that to happen!

Check that you have your headphones / ear phones the correct way round for the left and right audio channels with this quick stereo sound check:

Stereo sound check – make sure you have your headphones the correct way round

This is a short tutorial to help you check if your volume settings are approximately correct. There are two methods – in the first, you listen to the spoken word and adjust to a comfortable level as if you are having a conversation with someone. In the second method, if you have a method to measure the sound at your headphones with a sound level meter of some description, we give you a tone at 1 kHz. With this tone, that you should adjust your system to read 60 dB (or 60 dBA).
Calibrate your volume playback to watch our APEAL films at the correct volume setting

Some of our films contain low levels of sound, and you will need to be in a place with low background noise to hear the low sound levels.

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