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Thermographic surveys

We carry out thermographic surveys as part of defect investigations, or as evidence for the absence of defects.  We can carry out surveys in accordance with BS EN 13187, with or without air pressurisation to investigate thermal bypass, and in accordance with the UK Thermography Authority (UKTA) Code of Practice.  Thermography can be used to:

  • demonstrate continuity and integrity of insulation
  • identify excessive thermal bridging
  • identify thermal bypass issues.

This is an essential tool when investigating potential causes of buildings failing to maintain adequate internal temperatures during cool or windy weather.  We are pleased to offer thermographic surveys for Breeam credit Man 04.

Thermographic survey for Breeam credit Man 04

For the survey, the following site conditions are required.

  • A temperature differential between inside and out of at least 11°C, preferably maintained over at least 12 hours.
  • Heating systems within the building are operational to achieve the temperature difference required.
  • Necessary surfaces are free from direct solar radiation for at least four hours – ie the survey is typically carried out pre-dawn.
  • No precipitation either just prior to or during the survey.
  • Building surfaces to be inspected are dry.
  • Average wind speed to be less than 10 mph.

Please contact us to discuss your thermographic survey requirements.

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