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Training for design of low permeability buildings

Miller-BT-South-Shields-1Compliance with Building Regulations Part L 2010 requires more stringent air permeability targets. This course provides the principles and details necessary to achieve this in practise.

The purpose of this training is to equip professionals with an understanding of a range of measures that can help close the gap that exists between design and performance.
This series of seminars and workshops is aimed at all building professionals (energy consultants, architects, site managers and trades etc.) that are concerned about the performance of the buildings that they design, build, and use. The whole course introduces the little appreciated, and poorly regulated, phenomenon of thermal bypass and highlights the extent to which air movement within and through the building envelope can impair performance.

Workshops discuss the concepts associated with the designing, detailing, specifying and constructing buildings with good insulation, airtightness, and windtightness. They will also discuss some of the on-site skills and quality assurance requirements that emerge when considering a range of construction technologies including both masonry and timber frame.

The course can be run as a one-day event or as a series of sessions.

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